2017 Arts by the Shore

 Thank you to the community for your participation, support and attendance at the 2017 Arts by the Shore Event.  

We are grateful to the support from:

Associated Artists of Southport

Brunswick Arts Council

Joanne Q. Geisel

Oak Island Art Guild Members

 Swain's Seafood Shack

The Flying Fish

Town of Oak Island Parks & Recreation Department

Penny Primmer, 
OIAG Arts by the Shore Committee Chair


         2017 Arts By the Shore Winners:

Best of Show:  Pam Crusan for the watercolor "Rebecca."

Sunny Young Memorial Award:  Gay Lefebvre for the drawing/pastel "Pine Cones."

Associated Artists of Southport Award: Celia McGuire for the oil "Tempest."

Charlotte Ritter St. John Memorial Award:  Kathleen Durstewitz for the watercolor "Old Tobacco Barn."

People's Choice Award:  Jayne Rores for "Harry"

Oil Painting

1st - Roseann Bellinger for "Through the Window II"

2nd - Patricia Kordas for " Fishing Boats"

3rd - Ann Trombetta for "Fishing Day"

Honor - Harriett Seekins for "Autumn"

Acrylic Painting

1st - Rich O'Donnell for "Coast Guard Day"

2nd -  Raymond DelPezzo for "Untitled"

3rd - William Staat for "Sunglow"

Honor - Joy Parks Coats for "Rustic Barn"

Honor - Elaine Cooper for "Sheer Joy"

Drawing Pastel

1st - Ama Sroka for "Elena"

2nd - Jan Boland for "Dutchman's Creek"

3rd - Bonnie Pendergast for "Mountain Magic"

Mixed Media

1st - Babs Ludwick for "Fortress"

2nd - Phyllis Riley for "Chorus Line II"

3rd - Pattie VanWagner for "Awe & Gratitude"

Merit -  Elmo for "Ivory and Flowers"

Merit - Patricia Lyles for "Floral #1"


1st - Jim McIntosh for "No Name"

2nd - Richard Staat for "The Catchup"

3rd - Vicki Nielon for "Celebration at the Beach"

Honor - George Krobatsch for "Gritz Doubling Up"

Honor- Nancy Hester for "Untitled #1"

Honor- Josette Ferguson for "Vase in Peonies"

Merit - Karen Casciani


1st - Audry Poterfield for "Dandelion"

2nd - Willis White for "An Irish Rose for Judy"

3rd - Hill Photography for "Playful Dolphins"

Merit -  Patricia Graney for "Untitled"


1st - Ami Brown for "Floral Tile"

2nd - Ann Trombetta for "Gourd"

3rd - Spring Harkins for "Eagle Head Mask"

Fiber Art

1st - Carol McNeil for "Citrus Melody"

2nd - Jayne Rores for "Harry"

3rd - for "Sunrise Kantha"


1st - Joyce Grazetti for "Texture Vase"

2nd - Gay Lefebvre for "3 dolphins"


1st - Laura Brown for "Porch time"

2nd - Laura Brown for "The Eye is on You"

3rd - Sally Buchanan for "Beach Blanket"


1st - Karen West

2nd - Karen West

3rd - Karen West


 "A great artist is always before his time or, behind it."

                                                                 ~George Moore