Fall 2017 - Oak Island Art Guild President, Dick Staat, Janet Stephenson, Connie Enis, Fine Arts, Brunswick County Schools.

Oak Island Art Guild and Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies awarded teacher, Janet Stephenson, Waccamaw School in Brunswick County a charge card to buy $1250 worth of art supplies for her students..grades K thru 8.

Each year the Oak Island Art Guild will make a $1,000 cash donation to Brunswick County public schools and solicit an art supply company to make a $250 donation. The art teacher may order the art supplies of his/her choice from the catalog of the co-sponsor, Dick Blick or Cheap Joe's Art Supplies. The first award was granted to Patricia Lyles and Nick Batounis, South Brunswick High School, in 2010. Cheap Joe's was the art supply company.

The subsequent awards were as follows: 

  Year                 Art Teacher                       School                  Art Supply Company 

2017               Janet Stephenson     Waccamaw School                   Cheap Joe's

2017               Lisa Banester            Southport Elementary             Cheap Joe's

2016               Lorenzo Jennings      Brunswick Academy                 Cheap Joe's

2015               Lisa Banester            Southport Elementary              Dick Blick

2014               Mrs. Patricia Lyles    South Brunswick High               Cheap Joe's

                      Mrs. Hope Hyer        South Brunswick Middle            Cheap Joe's

2013               Katy O'Neil               South Brunswick High               Cheap Joe's

2012                 Katy O'Neil               Southport Elementary               Dick Blick

2011                Hope Shadding         South Brunswick Middle             Cheap Joe's


 "If I could say it in words, there would be no

reason to paint."~Edward Hopper