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2016 OIAG April 8, 2016

 Guild President, Dick Staat, opened the meeting at 9:10 a.m.  After announcing that Mary Beth has taken on full time employment and won’t be able to continue as Secretary, he asked Bonnie Pendergast to assume this position. Alma Sroka gave the treasurer’s report listing income and expenses of the past month.  Our current checking account balance is $8.680.19.

 Jo Ann reported on upcoming Workshops with details for “A Day of Art with Alex Power’s” on May 13th.  Mr. Powers will be critiquing 3 or 4 pieces of each participant’s art work brought to class, and explain the value of hearing how our art is received and how it can be improved to our satisfaction through an honest appraisal.  His demonstration will follow.

 In June, Roger Tatum will give a watercolor workshop.  Jo Ann will put the entire list of 2016 workshops on our web site.

 Joe announced that Phyllis Rilley is the featured artist for this quarter.  Her paintings are now hung on the Rec Center gallery walls for 3 months.  Dick encouraged other members with a tax ID# to take advantage of this great opportunity to display and possibly sell their work.  Joe manages the display schedule and hanging.  Further discussion stressed the need for a NC tax ID and  Penny reminded us that there is also a seasonal option available.

 As guild historian, Jane acknowledged better publicity of late by the Pilot.  She keeps the album up to date and includes news clippings along with photographs and other coverage of OIAG events.  Members may look through the current well-kept album at each meeting.

 Penny reported selling 39 booth spaces so far for the 2016 Arts and Craft Show in September.  She would welcome some help making calls to potential food vendors and asked for volunteers.  She is again in search of a funnel cake vendor and asked for any leads to locating one.

 Dick encouraged everyone to keep their guild membership up to date and mentioned to visitors that new members are always welcome.  Brochures can be found in the Rec Center hallway and contain full information.

Bonnie gave a report from the scholarship committee.  Currently applications are being accepted from art students at So Brunswick High School who will pursue a visual art degree in an accredited school.  The deadline is April 22.  She asked if someone would please take Sandy Cash’s place to help with interviewing applicants later this month.  Sandy’s husband, Roger, is having serious health issues and requires her full attention.  Sandy had asked Bonnie to relay this to the guild and request our prayers.  It was suggested that we send a card to the Cash family and Amelia Flavin offered to be in charge of cards going forward.  She will also help with the interviews.  Our  thanks to Amelia.

 Jo Ann reported on the Brunswick Arts Council election of new officers.  She had received notice that Phyllis is unable to continue as our representative to the BAC and is looking for someone to accept this position as soon as possible.  It entails attending a monthly BAC meeting at Brunswick College and relaying information back and forth between our two organizations.  This is our link to the arts and culture in our county.  We support one another.  Please talk with Jo Ann if you are interested.

 With no other business, Dick adjourned the meeting and welcomed Jim McIntosh who began his watercolor workshop after a short break.

Respectfully submitted by

Bonnie Pendergast, Secretary 


                   2016 OIAG March 11, 2016

  1. At 9:05 am, President Dick Staat welcomed everyone.

  2. It was announced that there were 39 people who had attended the February’s still life program…. A great attendance!

  3. The February minutes were accepted as published on the website.

  4. Treasurer Alma Sroka presented current checking account balance as of February 2016 as $6,877.20. Income included $260.00 in dues. Expenses included $1,000 for Teacher’s Art Supplies to Southport.

  5. Mary Beth announced that she needed someone to take the minutes at OIAG’s meetings beginning at the April meeting. She had accepted a job that would not allow her to attend the meetings. She would still type and post the minutes online and do website updates, and work with the Festival committee.

  6. Mary Beth stated that according to Penny the Festival had 2 drink vendors, 18 craft vendors already lined up. Vendor application prospectus were available on the website.

  7. JoAnn announced that Brunswick Arts Council’s Annual Meeting was being held on Monday evening at the BCC Admin A building on the first floor at 5:30 pm. Election of officers, awards and other activities were to be held…BAC has given out over $600,000 since 2010 to support the arts in Brunswick County. 

  8. JoAnn Announced that the April 8th workshop was Jim McIntosh”Plein Air” Come to have fun…paint a scene that has outside elements quickly. Paint that sky in 1 minute – no wasting time! In the afternoon the class would meet under the Frying Pan restaurant outside in the shade to paint. All workshops are posted on the OIAG website. 

  9. It was discussed that BCC had pottery and that might be an excellent program for June to travel and hold the meeting offsite. JoAnn will check into this idea. 

  10. Rebecca of the OI Nature Center has a need for artists to help paint murals on the walls of the center. Her telephone number is910. 278.5518. Several OIAG artists expressed interest.

  11. Bonnie Pendergast stated the Scholarship Committee was beginning to move forward with this year’s process.

  12. The meeting ended at 9:25 am.


                      Respectfully Submitted by Mary Beth Springmeier

                    2016 OIAG February 11, 2016

  1. At 9:02 am, President Dick Staat welcomed everyone and introduced Vice-President Jim McIntyre, Treasurer Alma Sroka and Secretary Mary Beth Springmeier.

  2. Treasurer Alma Sroka presented current checking account balance as of January 2016 as $7,868.92. Expenses were $242.00.

  3. Joyce and JoAnn had audited 2015 books. All was accounted for – with no discrepancies. A copy of this was provided each to the Treasurer and to the President. 

  4. Bonnie Pendergast stated that she had received paperwork for the Brunswick Arts Council’s (BAC) Grassroots Grants and that OIAG had received an award to support the monthly workshops. She is working with Dick Staat to complete and return right away to BAC.

  5. JoAnn announced that all workshops were in place for the year (with the exception of the two craft programs for two summer meetings – need these to be decided). All workshops are posted on the OIAG website.

  6. Phyllis did not have a report for BAC meeting, but JoAnn announced a big BAC meeting on March 14 at Brunswick Community College, Classroom Bldg A at 5:30 pm. Checks for Grassroots grants, BAC Scholarships and BCC school support will be presented.

  7. Joe Loretucci presented the 2016 quarterly featured artist exhibit schedule at OI Rec Center. The four Exhibition featured artists scheduled are Mary Carter (Jan-March), Phyllis Riley (April-June), Joe Loretucci (July-Sept), Dick Staat (Oct-Dec).

  8. Jenna Fontaine made the motion, seconded by Bonnie Pendergast and OIAG members voted to accept January 2016 minutes as posted on the website as provided.

  9. Dick Staat discussed the need for OIAG members to consider volunteer shifts needed for Arts and Crafts Festival in September: 6 people to help with field layout, 6 -8 to help with hospitality tent and 4 people to be craft cops.

  10. Dick thanked his daughter and wife for helping to set up and providing the refreshments for the meeting.

  11. Health report on OIAG provided… Joyce recuperating well and using a walker. Bob had been hospitalized with pneumonia.

  12. Arts and Craft Supplies for schools progress was presented by Marion McKerr. Dick Blick had been contacted and the company agreed to provide 25% discount for supplies purchased by Southport Elementary School. OIAG was providing $1,250 in a gift card for the art supplies.

  13. Penny Primer wants to try and hold a class for elementary age children at the OI Rec Center. Hoping that OIAG members will be interested in teaching a class for art community. It was mentioned that OIAG could take over an art session in the schools as a “visiting artist to the classroom” which had previously been done by OIAG members in the past including Roger and Jim. Penny stated that Billie Jayro was receptive to the idea of art classes at OIAC. It is a collective goal to bring more youngsters to art in 2016.

  14. Joe asked for a membership count of OIAG current members. 201 members are listed on the roster. Annual membership dues are currently being received, and the exact number of active current OIAG members is in flux. Alma will get back to Joe as it settles down.

  15. OIAG paid tribute to the two most dedicated and hard working people Jenna Fontaine and Penny Prettyman. Their many years of selfless work on behalf of OIAG was deeply appreciated and President Dick Staat presented each with a matted work of art, flowers and a card.

  16. Dick thanked everyone and Joe Loretucci made the motion, seconded by Penny Primer and OIAG members voted to adjourn the meeting at 9:31 am.

                           Respectfully Submitted by Mary Beth Springmeier

2016 OIAG January 8, 2016

1)      Two of the four presiding 2015 officers, Treasurer Penny Prettyman and Secretary Mary Beth (MB) Springmeier were present. President Jenna Fontaine and Vice President Mary Carter were unable to attend. 15 members were present constituting a quorum. The meeting was opened by Mary Beth Springmeier and she welcomed everyone for their presence.

  1. Financial Statement requested by Joe Loretucci. Penny had not formally prepared a statement, she mentioned the November 2015 checking amount was $8,333, with total combined assets roughly $18,200 in November.  She reviewed her most recent 2016 statements - checking amount was $7,868, cd#1 had $3,500 and cd#2 had $6,251. Using the 2016 numbers assets are approximately $17,600.
  2. Joyce made the motion, seconded by Phyllis and OIAG members voted to accept 2015 minutes as posted on the website and financial business as provided.

2)      2016 OIAG Slate of officers was presented and voted upon: 

President Richard Staat

VP Jim McIntosh

Treasurer Alma Sroka

Secretary Mary Beth Springmeier


3)      Discussion moved onto existing Committees, their functions, needs and volunteers from the membership agreed to chair the activities as follows:


  1. 2016 OIAG Committee Chairs


Brunswick Arts Council Liaison Rep: Phyllis Riley

Arts by the Shore: Jenna Fontaine

Historian: Jane Martin

Scholarships:  Diane Sloan & Bonnie Pendergast

Exhibition: Joe Loretucci

Workshops:  JoAnn Staat

Grants:  Bonnie Pendergast

Audit: Joyce Grazetti & JoAnn Staat

Christmas Luncheon: Penny Primmer

Website: Mary Beth Springmeier

Correspondence /Emails: Cecelia Kohl

Art for Schools: Marian MacKerr

Arts and Crafts Festival: MB Springmeier

Vendor Manager: Penny Prettyman

Field & Sign Manager: Frank Palmer

Hospitality Tent Manager: Penny Primmer

Craft Cop Manager: Joyce Grazetti

Publicity: Sally Buchanan and Pam Crusan

Membership:  Alma Sroka

Facebook: Jenna Fontaine

Refreshments: JoAnn and Amelia


  1. Joyce pointed out Library Donation Committee was defunct. The only committee not discussed was the Nominations for 2017.


4)      JoAnn paid tribute to Penny Prettyman’s long service to the Guild. Penny spoke to the need for continuing volunteering to fill all committees every year. This is what will keep OIAG going and sustain us into the future.

5)      The sale of art work in the Recreation Center was discussed. If the exhibit art signs are changed to include price, all artwork must be sold outside of the Rec Center. Neither OIAG nor OIRC can participate in the transaction, all sales are between the artist and buyer.

6)      Continuing the discussion, Joe presented the 2016 quarterly featured artist schedule. He had identified two featured artists out of four needed. 2 more OIAG artists volunteered and the Exhibition featured artist schedule is:

Mary Carter (Jan-March)

Phyllis Riley (April-June)

Joe Loretucci (July-Sept)

Dick Staat (Oct-Dec)


7)      Membership structure was discussed. The group kicked around different ideas of membership levels (supporting and full), membership value, and other ideas. It was agreed that Alma would lead a group to look at these ideas over the year. But it was discussed that the membership form could be changed to ask “Are you willing to work on an OIAG Committee?  Yes or No.“  This would separate out the workers from the supporters.

8)      Workshop discussion was an extension of membership topic. Jo Ann reminded everyone

that the Rec Ctr will not allow any group to charge for an event that takes place on their

premises. JoAnn already had workshops set up for Feb (Dick Staat) and April (Jim McIntosh). Penny requested a few craft oriented workshops for the non-painters in 2016. Everyone liked the idea of a mixed media program. Penny also discussed the fact that some workshop teachers request a donation of service that could then go to a charitable contribution of the Guild, or of the teacher’s choice. This is a book-keeping headache.  It would be easier to have a donation jar, or have the artist make the donation themselves directly.

9)      Discussion continued regarding the Arts & Crafts Festival. It was agreed that the person in charge of the vendors would also be responsible for health department requirements for food vendors. The person responsible for field & signs would be responsible for the Town of OI permits needed. More in depth discussion to explain for new OIAG members jobs and responsibilities and the fiscal importance of this festival to OIAG’s yearly activities of free workshops, scholarships and art supplies to schools. Many hands are needed and full membership is expected to participate.

10)  Dick mentioned the OIAG Brochure. He has a box or two of OIAG’s 4 color brochure. It was determined we should try to get them in as many free racks as possible, circulating in the public.  They are part of the new member packet that the Treasurer sends out.  No changes would be made to this piece, and if at any time something needed to be, a small insert could be created.

11)   JoAnn mentioned that refreshments need to stay simply donuts and coffee.  She is willing to pick up donuts and Amelia will help with fixing coffee.

12)  Mary Beth thanked everyone and the meeting was adjourned.


Meeting Notes taken by Bonnie Pendergast

Typed & Submitted by Mary Beth Springmeier



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