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2016 OIAG January 8, 2016

1)      Two of the four presiding 2015 officers, Treasurer Penny Prettyman and Secretary Mary Beth (MB) Springmeier were present. President Jenna Fontaine and Vice President Mary Carter were unable to attend. 15 members were present constituting a quorum. The meeting was opened by Mary Beth Springmeier and she welcomed everyone for their presence.

  1. Financial Statement requested by Joe Loretucci. Penny had not formally prepared a statement, she mentioned the November 2015 checking amount was $8,333, with total combined assets roughly $18,200 in November.  She reviewed her most recent 2016 statements - checking amount was $7,868, cd#1 had $3,500 and cd#2 had $6,251. Using the 2016 numbers assets are approximately $17,600.
  2. Joyce made the motion, seconded by Phyllis and OIAG members voted to accept 2015 minutes as posted on the website and financial business as provided.

2)      2016 OIAG Slate of officers was presented and voted upon: 

President Richard Staat

VP Jim McIntosh

Treasurer Alma Sroka

Secretary Mary Beth Springmeier


3)      Discussion moved onto existing Committees, their functions, needs and volunteers from the membership agreed to chair the activities as follows:


  1. 2016 OIAG Committee Chairs


Brunswick Arts Council Liaison Rep: Phyllis Riley

Arts by the Shore: Jenna Fontaine

Historian: Jane Martin

Scholarships:  Diane Sloan & Bonnie Pendergast

Exhibition: Joe Loretucci

Workshops:  JoAnn Staat

Grants:  Bonnie Pendergast

Audit: Joyce Grazetti & JoAnn Staat

Christmas Luncheon: Penny Primmer

Website: Mary Beth Springmeier

Correspondence /Emails: Cecelia Kohl

Art for Schools: Marian MacKerr

Arts and Crafts Festival: MB Springmeier

Vendor Manager: Penny Prettyman

Field & Sign Manager: Frank Palmer

Hospitality Tent Manager: Penny Primmer

Craft Cop Manager: Joyce Grazetti

Publicity: Sally Buchanan and Pam Crusan

Membership:  Alma Sroka

Facebook: Jenna Fontaine

Refreshments: JoAnn and Amelia


  1. Joyce pointed out Library Donation Committee was defunct. The only committee not discussed was the Nominations for 2017.


4)      JoAnn paid tribute to Penny Prettyman’s long service to the Guild. Penny spoke to the need for continuing volunteering to fill all committees every year. This is what will keep OIAG going and sustain us into the future.

5)      The sale of art work in the Recreation Center was discussed. If the exhibit art signs are changed to include price, all artwork must be sold outside of the Rec Center. Neither OIAG nor OIRC can participate in the transaction, all sales are between the artist and buyer.

6)      Continuing the discussion, Joe presented the 2016 quarterly featured artist schedule. He had identified two featured artists out of four needed. 2 more OIAG artists volunteered and the Exhibition featured artist schedule is:

Mary Carter (Jan-March)

Phyllis Riley (April-June)

Joe Loretucci (July-Sept)

Dick Staat (Oct-Dec)


7)      Membership structure was discussed. The group kicked around different ideas of membership levels (supporting and full), membership value, and other ideas. It was agreed that Alma would lead a group to look at these ideas over the year. But it was discussed that the membership form could be changed to ask “Are you willing to work on an OIAG Committee?  Yes or No.“  This would separate out the workers from the supporters.

8)      Workshop discussion was an extension of membership topic. Jo Ann reminded everyone

that the Rec Ctr will not allow any group to charge for an event that takes place on their

premises. JoAnn already had workshops set up for Feb (Dick Staat) and April (Jim McIntosh). Penny requested a few craft oriented workshops for the non-painters in 2016. Everyone liked the idea of a mixed media program. Penny also discussed the fact that some workshop teachers request a donation of service that could then go to a charitable contribution of the Guild, or of the teacher’s choice. This is a book-keeping headache.  It would be easier to have a donation jar, or have the artist make the donation themselves directly.

9)      Discussion continued regarding the Arts & Crafts Festival. It was agreed that the person in charge of the vendors would also be responsible for health department requirements for food vendors. The person responsible for field & signs would be responsible for the Town of OI permits needed. More in depth discussion to explain for new OIAG members jobs and responsibilities and the fiscal importance of this festival to OIAG’s yearly activities of free workshops, scholarships and art supplies to schools. Many hands are needed and full membership is expected to participate.

10)  Dick mentioned the OIAG Brochure. He has a box or two of OIAG’s 4 color brochure. It was determined we should try to get them in as many free racks as possible, circulating in the public.  They are part of the new member packet that the Treasurer sends out.  No changes would be made to this piece, and if at any time something needed to be, a small insert could be created.

11)   JoAnn mentioned that refreshments need to stay simply donuts and coffee.  She is willing to pick up donuts and Amelia will help with fixing coffee.

12)  Mary Beth thanked everyone and the meeting was adjourned.


Meeting Notes taken by Bonnie Pendergast

Typed & Submitted by Mary Beth Springmeier



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