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Meeting Minutes, September 11, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 9 AM by President Jenna Fontaine. Jenna introduced a member, Pat McLaughlin, visiting from Ottawa Ontario and welcomed other visitors.

The August minutes were approved.

Penny Prettyman gave the treasurer’s report, detailing our expenses and expenditures of the past month (full report). She summed them up by saying we took in approximately $900 and spent approximately $900. Penny also announced that she is retiring as treasurer at the end of this year and asked for a replacement.

Jenna followed by saying that she could not run for president again either. She encouraged us to be thinking about holding an office next year and alerted the nominating committee to begin preparing a slate. More of us need to step up and help keep the guild running smoothly. The votes will be taken at our December luncheon meeting.

The Arts and Crafts festival report was very favorable. Jenna thanked all the workers who volunteered in all the various jobs and expressed our great appreciation for Penny’s “year long” attention to pulling the festival together. The 2015 festival was another big success and the reaction from everyone was very positive. Penny reported on the helpful attitude of the Brunswick County Health Services representative who has said she will help with rearranging the food vendors next year to give them better access to the source of water and electricity. We were not visited by a state rep checking tax licenses but the vendors were again made aware of the need to display their license and be compliant. There was good cooperation.

At this point there was a surprise interruption when former member Don Rose arrived, visiting from Costa Rica, and was greeted with much enthusiasm. It was quite a morning for surprise visits which added to the happy mood and later carried over into a fun workshop.

Jo Ann Staat reminded us that the deadline for the BAC show at Franklin Square Gallery is today. She has agreed to accept entry forms one more day. Associated Artists of Southport workers will do the sitting for this show. Jenna announced that sign ups for our Art by the Shore show in November are starting. Forms were on the table.

The exhibition in the Rec Center is going well. Joe told us the 4th and final hanging for this year will go up in October. Joe will be the Featured Artist that month. We were encouraged to bring work to hang to the next meeting. Joe was thanked for his work as exhibit chairman.

Jenna reported that Mary Beth Springmeier attended a grant workshop given by the BAC. The OIAG was encouraged to submit our same grant request to help fund workshops in 2016 and to begin in January looking at new ideas to use grant money in the future.

The meeting was adjourned and Claire Sallenger Martin was introduced as the day’s workshop presenter. Our October workshop will be on paper making.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Pendergast for MB Springmeier


Minutes of AUGUST 14, 2015

  1. President Jenna Fontaine called the meeting to order at 9:07 am.

  2. Jenna asked everyone present to approve the July 2015 as posted on the OIAG Website. The minutes were approved.

  3. Penny Prettyman presented the Treasurer's report, balance of $9,000.76 in checking account (full report). Suzanne Ellett had donated her artist workshop instructor’s fee back to OIAG.

  4. Penny provided a recap of Sept 5, the date for the upcoming Arts and Crafts Festival for everyone present. The Arts & Crafts Vendors were being managed well 114 booths had been sold, inquiries about booths by interested vendors were still being received. She reminded everyone that the application deadline to become a vendor is August 22, 2015.

  5. The Event Sign committee announced that they were meeting on 8/25/15 and would be creating new signs for the Arts & Crafts Festival.

  6. Mary Beth Springmeier passed out the hospitality tent sign-up sheet. Amelia Flavin volunteered to be a craft cop and to help check booths for appropriate merchandise and sales tax ID postings.

  7. Art Supplies to Schools Committee would begin looking at needs, Jenna intended to get that committee moving forward as the school year is starting soon. It was discussed that OIAG should not hold off on acquiring necessary supplies in order to wait for the reimbursement cycle. Last year assistance was provided to both the middle and the high schools, it was suggested OIAG might look at the elementary school needs first for this upcoming year.

  8. Joe Loretucci was unable to attend this meeting. It was mentioned that the Exhibition Committee would change out the exhibits next month. Penny suggested that a marker could be used to cross out any old tags that still displayed sale prices.

  9. BAC's Grassroots Arts Grant was discussed. An informational meeting was being held on 8/15/15. Mary Beth would attend it to meet the new coordinator and learn more about the criteria. OIAG would continue to move forward and create a committee to look at future grant ideas. It was felt that OIAG could sustain itself this year without applying for workshop fee support for artist instructor fees as had been submitted for so many years.

  10. Arts by the Shore: everything is the same - nothing more to report to date.

  11. Jane Martin, the historian for OIAG presented the latest materials compiled. She  mentioned a new gallery Art in Bloom which was created by the daughter of a friend. This gallery would participate in the Wilmington Art Walk in September even though the gallery was not opening until October.

  12. Sally Buchanan was not present to give a Publicity Committee report, but everyone felt this was being well handled.

  13. Joyce Grazetti announced that the new Leland Cultural Arts Center was seeking instructors for 1 day or weekly classes. If any of OIAG’s artists were interested they should send a proposal to the new director of LCAC. On August 29th, LCAC was hosting an Open House for everyone to come see all the facility space (exhibit and teaching).

  14. JoAnn Staat reminded everyone that Brunswick Arts Council (BAC) has an October 12th & 13th Show to be held at AAS Gallery in Southport. She handed out prospectus to anyone will also be posted on the OIAG website. JoAnn also mentioned that BAC was assisting LCAC with the Open House.

  15. Bonnie Pendergast announced that the Scholarship recipient for this year had changed her school and would start at Brunswick Community College (BCC).

  16. Mary Beth announced that she was not able to make the September 11th meeting and she needed someone to take the minutes in her place.

  17. Programs for the rest of the year have been set: Papermaking with artist from the Leland Arts Center (September 11) and Multimedia with Claire Martin (October 7). There was some confusion regarding the programs being switched. Mary Beth went back to her notes from July’s meeting to confirm.

  18. No New Business was presented.

  19. Meeting adjourned at 9:36 am. The workshop leader, Suzanne Ellett, was presented.


Submitted by Mary Beth Springmeier


Minutes of July 10, 2015

  1. President Jenna Fontaine called the meeting to order at 9:10 am.

  2. Jenna asked if everyone present accepted minutes from June 2015 as posted on the OIAG Website. The minutes were approved.

  3. Penny Prettyman presented the Treasurer's report, balance of $8,064 in the checking account. She reported $2 difference in record that she was tracking. For a full report, click here.

  4. Penny provided a prospective of Sept 5, the date for the upcoming Arts and Crafts Festival for everyone present. The Arts & Crafts Vendors were being managed well 107 booths had been sold, 1 withdrawal...with booths still coming in.

  5. Arts by the Shore: everything is the same - nothing more to report to date.

  6. Jane Martin, the historian for OIAG presented the latest materials compiled.

  7. The Scholarship Committee had no news to report.

  8. Joyce Grazetti had broken a leg and it was announced that OIAG should send a card, as well as any members might want to check in on her from time to time.

  9. Joe Loretucci presented the Exhibition Committee report. New Guidelines were being created to be posted in the Website. Old work was still hanging at the time of this meeting. In order to send out a reminder for people to remove their work, Joe would send Penny a message that she would eblast to the membership. Discussion was held about how to get work removed from display in a timely fashion. It was suggested that in addition to email prompts, the Exhibition Committee might personally contact the hanging artists directly by phone.

  10. Programs for the rest of the year have been set: Watercolors with Suzanne Ellett (August 14), Papermaking with artist from the Leland Arts Center (September 11) and Multimedia with Claire Martin (October 7).

  11. New Business Presented:

    1. Brunswick Arts Council has an October Show to be held at Franklin Square Gallery. The prospectus will be available at the August OIAG meeting.

    2. Mary Beth Springmeier and JoAnn Staat will attend The Brunswick Arts Council upcoming monthly July meeting, in order to meet the new coordinator of BAC's Grassroots Arts Grant.

    3. A "Thank You" was received from community member, Jan Sternbach, for the donation of the Turtle Sculpture by OIAG.

    4. Jenna reminded everyone about her upcoming health issues that would leave her on the sidelines for the next two OIAG meetings. She was confident things would run well with others stepping in to help until her return.

  12. Meeting adjourned at 9:41 am. The workshop leader, Terry Harrison, was presented.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Beth Springmeier


Minutes of June 13, 2015  

  1. President Jenna Fontaine called the meeting to order at 9:07 am.

  2. Jenna called for a motion to correct, change or accept the minutes from May 2015 as posted on the OIAG Website. The motion passed and the minutes were approved.

  3. Penny Prettyman presented the Treasurer’s report, balance of $6,800 in accounts. May expenses were $805, May income was $2,000 (half fclick hererom booth rental fees and the other half from receipt of Brunswick Arts Council grant). For complete report, click here.

  4. The turtle sculpture has been well received by the Oak Island community and the Brunswick Arts Council web page has had 2,000 hits on it. Jenna expressed gratitude that the act of being able to create something new for the community and have it happened just the way it was supposed to is fulfilling and a celebratory event for OIAG. Oak Island is interested in additional permanent installations of art.


  5. Penny reported that the Arts & Crafts Festival Committee had met and discussed roles and needs.

    • A vendor comparison of booth rentals is 79 to date ($3,785 income) to 77 ($3,400) from last year by this date. Penny reviewed the cost of booths and noted the rate will increase July 1st. People seem to sign up in waves, and from experience, we know many will be waiting until the last minute.

    • Frank Palmer will be the Site Manager; he will need help.

    • Joyce Grazetti still has 1 Craft Cop spot open to help ensure quality and adherence to the Festival rules.

    • MB Springmeier will be OIAG Tent Manager. She will have a sign up for volunteers by July meeting.

    • Penny also reported she has food vendors for sausage, hot dogs and burgers. The Christian School is OK with paying the discounted rate for 2 corners for their 4 corner booth. Penny is trying to get a funnel cake vendor.

  6. Arts by the Shore will be held November 12-15, 2015. Jenna reported that she has a judge, Virginia Ryan “Bunny” Lauzon of Shallotte. An accomplished artist who works in oils and media, she studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the NY Institute of Design.

  7. Exhibition Committee has a new chair, Joe Loretucci, and was introduced to the group by Jenna. Joe expressed that:

    • All art work currently hanging in rec center must be removed before July 10th.

    • The next hanging date will be following the July 10th OIAG meeting.

    • Both the Featured Artist and the General Exhibition year has been divided into quarters (3rd and 4th quarters remaining).

    • Joe reviewed the need for additional Exhibition Committee members. The role of the committee is to:

      1. Participate in hanging the artwork

      2. Ensure the OIAG guidelines are followed, including:

        • Exhibition Cards include Name of Artist, Name of Piece, Medium used and Contact Information. No business cards.

        • Exhibitors must be functioning members of the Guild[PP1] .

        • Exhibitors must help with hanging their work.

    • Anyone seeking to exhibit, be a featured artist or be on the committee needs to contact Joe. Three new forms have been created and will be put on the website:

      1. Recreation Center Exhibition Form

      2. Featured Artist Form

      3. Exhibition Committee Member Sign Up

    • Once again there was group discussion at large regarding the collection or non collection of sales tax monies by OIAG for 2 or 3 sales a year at the Rec Center. The current Board decided that the Rec Center walls should be used for display of artwork and not for the sale of art. All transactions are between the artist and buyer and should take place somewhere other than the Rec Center. Prices will not be put on exhibition description signs. This is open for change next year with a new Board.

    • Penny will send Joe an updated exhibition guidelines for him to review. Joe will provide Mary Beth with all new Exhibition Forms and Information for website updates.

  8. Brunswick Arts Council Grant funds have been received. Jenna submitted the final report for the recently closed cycle. Jenna is still trying to connect with the new person at the Brunswick Arts Council to determine the exact nature of the required submittal for future requests.

  9. Jane Martin, the historian for OIAG, presented the latest materials compiled. The Committee met and reviewed the needs. It was determined that minutes, treasurer reports and internal emails and other things did not need to be a part of the scrapbooks. The OIAG Secretary has all old scrapbooks and will digitize over the year to put the books onto the website for everyone to use. This Special Project will be completed by the December Holiday Meeting.

  10. Bonnie Pendergast gave the Scholarship Committee update. She informed everyone that Jenna represented OIAG and presented the winner, Adriel Landry, the $1,000 scholarship on May 29th at the South Brunswick High School. Adriel is a performing artist, does animation, game design and more…Bonnie says, “She comes alive when telling the story of her work.” While there were 2 applicants, this year, Bonnie anticipates more next year.

  11. Jenna presented a need for a topic for the July 10 workshop. She suggested possibly a Plein Air outing, but the membership thought July was too hot for outside painting. It was mentioned that Terry Harrison was back in the area, teaching at BCC. She previously had a popular gallery and works in oils/multi-media portraits. She was willing to do a workshop. Jenna will approach her about July. It was also mentioned that she might be a good judge for the Arts by the Shore in 2016.

  12. Jenna called for additional business or announcements. Upon hearing none, the meeting adjourned at 9:49 am. The workshop leader, Phyllis Riley, was presented.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Beth Springmeier


Minutes of May 8, 2015

  1. President Jenna Fontaine called the meeting to order at 9:09 am.

  2. Jenna called for a motion to correct, change or accept the minutes from April 2015 as posted on the OIAG Website. The motion passed and the minutes were approved.

  3. Penny Prettyman presented the report, balance of $6,821 in accounts. April expenses were $1,260, April Income was $975 (with the majority from booth rental fees). See Attached Treasurer's Report.

  4. Jenna and Penny provided a comparison of Arts & Crafts Festival check point from present to this point last year. Rentals of booths are fine, 58 to date in line with the low 60s from last year by this date. Penny also reported that Sylvia Beck will help with the food vendors again this year.

  5. Arts by the Shore will be held in November. Billie Jayroe, from the OI Recreation Center, is helping with that committee. Jenna is looking for a judge for that event. Discussion as to type of judge was held, seeking a judge from the peripheral areas, with some knowledge of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional art, who may not be familiar with local artist names and can judge by criteria. Everyone agreed that the final judging for 2014 was well done.

  6. Exhibition Committee is status quo. Group discussion at large regarding the collection or non collection of sales tax ID information. Everyone agreed all artists selling must personally have the information and it is the responsibility of the artist to collect and remit sales tax to the State. Thoughts that a lawyer may be able to give pro bono advice to the group regarding this idea of creating a disclaimer statement. Also it was mentioned that the Brunswick County Arts Council might offer advice as well. It was agreed that Billie and Jenna as Co-Chairs of the Arts by the Shore Committee, and Penny as the OIAG Treasurer would address this Sales Tax issue and present their recommendations to OIAG at a later date.

  7. Regarding the Grassroots Grant, Jenna will complete and submit the 2014 – 2015 grant report.

  8. Jane Martin, the historian for OIAG, presented the latest materials compiled.

  9. Kudos were given to Sally Buchanan for doing a great job as Publicity Chair.

  10. Sally gave the Scholarship Committee update. She apprised everyone that they had met with the candidates who applied for the scholarship and had made a selection. The winner is to be announced and given the scholarship on May 29th at the South Brunswick High School. The $1,000 Scholarship will be awarded by OIAG President at an 8 am presentation.

  11. Workshops and Programs were discussed. April's workshop with Jim McIntosh was good, but not enough time was available for actual practice. Phyllis Riley will do a 2-day workshop for June.

      Some thoughts given to the upcoming workshops :

    • Floor Cloths with Phyllis Riley (June 12 & 13),

    • July 10...not set...thoughts possibly for Plein Air?

    • Watercolor with Suzanne Ellett (August 14),

    • Papermaking (September 11) - a call will be made to Leland Arts Center for teachers,

    • October 9 not set....possibly Claire Martin but she could do October or July stay tuned for which month she's decided to teach...

      12. Joyce reminded people:

    • Do "not pour anything down the bathroom sinks at the Recreation Center during the workshops" as this causes problems for plumbing.

    • She needs 2 "craft cops" for the Arts and Crafts Festival in September. She has vacant slots. You get a nifty T-shirt to wear.

13.  An update was given on the Turtle Sculpture, which is scheduled to be dedicated at 2 pm on May 12, 2015. The turtle had landed and is under a blue tarp. Maybe a contest could be held to name the turtle.

14.  New OIAG members were welcomed, Georgiana Sluder (oils), Mary Ward (acrylics). Pam Crusan (oil), Amelia Flavin (illustrator)

15. Meeting adjourned at 9:45 am. The workshop leader, Ortrud Tyler was presented.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Beth Springmeier


Minutes of April 10, 2015

1)           President Jenna Fontaine called the meeting to order at  9:10 am. She introduced the officers: President Jenna Fontaine, Vice President Mary Carter (absent), Treasurer Penny Prettyman and Secretary Mary Beth Springmeier.
2)           Jenna called for a motion to correct, change or accept the minutes from March 2015 as posted on the OIAG Website.  The motion passed and the minutes were approved.
3)           Penny presented the Treasurer’s report. The checking account balance is $7,655 (see complete report).
4)           Jenna and Penny provided a recap of Sept 5, the date for the upcoming Arts and Crafts Festival for everyone present. Discussion was held regarding the need for someone with food vendor experience. The Arts & Crafts Vendors were being managed well. The Hospitality Tent for OIAG was also a concern. Members were encouraged to sign up to volunteer.
5)           Arts by the Shore will be held in November, hopefully 2 weeks before Thanksgiving
6)            Jane Martin, the historian, presented the latest materials compiled.
7)           It was mentioned that Sally Buchanan was doing a great job as Publicity Chair. The Pilot newspaper articles regarding the workshop were well done.
8)           The Scholarship Committee said they were in the process of scheduling interviews for prospective candidates to be held on April 22nd. The scholarship is $1,000.
9)           Jenna presented the need for a Programs Chair, as no one is presently responsible for the workshop schedule.  Workshop programs are needed from May through October Topics were discussed including Bookbinding and Floor Cloth Linoleum Painting.  Phyllis Riley agreed to lead the Floor Cloth program in June.
10)        An update was given on the Turtle Sculpture, which is scheduled to be dedicated on May 12, 2015. The installation pad is in a good location under the trees in front of the Recreation Center.
11)        New Business Presented
a.          An Exhibition Chair is needed. Hanging of art on the Rec Center walls needs a schedule and featured artists need to be identified.
b.           Penny mentioned that all artists hanging their work need a personal NC Sales & Use Tax account number. OIAG is responsible for ensuring this. The IRS suggested OIAG keep a log of ID numbers for artists hanging their paintings.  OIAG needs to make a decision regarding this procedure.
 12)  Meeting adjourned at 9:35 am. The Workshop leader, Jim McIntosh was presented.
 Submitted by Mary  Beth Springmeier, Secretary


Minutes of March 13, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Sylvia Beck. Jenna Fontaine volunteered to be recording Secretary in the place of Mary Beth Springmeier, who could not be present. Minutes of the February meeting are posted on the Art Guild website and were approved as posted. The Treasurer’s report was given by Penny Prettyman, and she reported we currently have $7,530.97 in the checking account (full report). Penny reminded the membership she is collecting dues for 2015 and that dues are $10 per year. Joyce Grazetti reported that the copper Loggerhead Sea Turtle project is on schedule and should be ready for the May 1 installation. Joyce reported that the 5-foot-wide turtle, placed in front of the Oak Island Recreation Center, will serve as both the first piece of public art on Oak Island and an acknowledgement of the decades long cooperation between the Art Guild and the Town's recreation department. Sylvia Beck gave a report of the hanging committee and reminded members that art on the Recreation Center walls needs to be rotated on a schedule. Sylvia also reminded members that they must have a NC Tax ID number in order to hang artwork for sale at the Recreation Center. When Sylvia called for new business, Jenna Fontaine asked for a report on the status of finding chairs and member to work on the various Guild committees. Sylvia said she was taking care of it but would not discuss it with the membership. Jenna Fontaine stated that the members should be made aware of committee needs. Sylvia again stated she didn't have time to discuss it and adjourned the meeting. Joyce Grazetti expressed the opinion that Ms. Beck was being rude. Sylvia resigned as President, adjourned the meeting, and left the room. Penny Prettyman, the only board member present, reconvened the meeting. Past President Fontaine was asked if she would consider returning as President and she was elected by voice vote of the membership to finish out 2015 as president of OIAG. Jenna passed out committee sign up sheets, and the business meeting was adjourned. Bonnie Prendergast introduced our instructor, Greg Hales, whose specialty is painting waves and the movement of water.

Respectfully Submitted. Jenna Fontaine.


Minutes of Meeting February 13, 2015

Meeting was called to order by OIAG President Sylvia Beck at 9:00 AM. Jenna Fontaine volunteered to take the minutes of the meeting since our Secretary, Mary Beth Springmeier was absent due to family business. The first order of business was the Treasurer's report given by Penny Prettyman (see report). Penny Prettyman announced she was collecting dues for 2015 and dues are ten dollars. Jo Ann Staat reported that an Audit of the OIAG financial records of 2014 was conducted. All receipts and expenditure were in order, and no recommendations for improvement were noted. Our thanks and appreciation for a job well done go to our Treasurer, Penny Prettyman.

Sylvia Beck, President, reported that committees would remain the same. She is recruiting chairs for committees that currently do not have chairs and is asking that people stay in the same committees as in the past. A change in advertising policy by the State Port Pilot led to a discussion of how we should proceed in publicizing our free workshops. Only one free advertisement per activity will be published and photos will no longer be sought. Joyce Grazetti made a motion that we inquire as to the cost of a paid ad for a non profit in the Pilot. Further discussion was tabled until our March meeting.

A brief discussion concerning workshops followed, with many member expressing an interest in a two day workshop if the logistics could be worked out. The March workshop presenter will be Craig Hale, an acrylic painter whose specialty is creating vibrant water, ocean and waves. Make sure you check the website for information on this exciting opportunity. Ortrud Tyler introduced our February workshop presenter, oil paint artist Joanne Geisel. Effective painting of the beach including sand, sea and sky will be explored. The Business meeting closed at 9:40

January 8, 2015  

OIAG Monthly Meeting

Location: Oak Island Recreation Center

6 OIAG members were present. According to OIAG Bylaws 12 people constitute a necessary quorum to conduct any business.   No meeting or business was held due to lack of a quorum.  An OIAG Artist Workshop for January was not scheduled.


January 14, 2015

OIAG Planning Meeting Notes

Location: Oak Island Recreation Center

Time start: 10:07 am   Time end: 11:15 am

Present: Sylvia Beck, Mary Carter, Penny Prettyman, Mary Beth Springmeier


Meeting was proposed and led by Sylvia Beck. The four OIAG members present were the proposed slate of 2015 officers, which was never presented to OIAG members or voted upon by OIAG membership. It was not an official executive committee meeting, but rather a way to discuss the next step for moving forward without any lapse in programs or OIAG's regularly scheduled business.

Discussion Topics:

A. Current state of Oak Island Art Guild

  1. Everyone present agreed that they were interested in being presented to the  OIAG membership as the 2015 slate of officers in a act of self nomination:    Sylvia Beck (President), Mary Carter (Vice President), Penny Prettyman (Treasurer), Mary Beth Springmeier (Secretary).
  2. In order to maintain course of business, Sylvia would send digitally present the slate to members with a call to vote by email.

B. 2015 Overview for Guild

  1.  Collectively the direction for the upcoming year was discussed. It was mutually agreed that in order for the Guild to continue, the traditional activities of workshops, festival events and special activities would be maintained.
  2. The Loggerhead Turtle Statue, a copper structure commissioned by OIAG as a gift for the Rec Center, is a work in progress. The permanent installation is scheduled for spring 2015.

C. Workshops for remainder of 2014-2015 grant

  1.  Workshops are to continue in the current grant cycle and the contract from July 2014 to June 2015 will be completed. As a new incentive,  a two-day workshop would be created for late spring 2015, which would also act as a makeup program for lack of January 2015 workshop. Sylvia and Ortrude will work on this.
  2. The strategy for future grant applications for the 2015-2016 Brunswick Arts Council  was discussed. OIAG has the ability to run free workshops in  2015-2016 without support from BAC. Understanding  BAC's position in seeking a different type of proposal than strictly workshop related projects from OIAG fostered the idea of "not chasing the money" but stepping back for  a year, while working with OIAG members and BAC to determine a more competetive  project for the 2016-2017 grant cycle.  

D. Programs and workshops

  1. A review of previous  workshops demonstrated that strong membership attendance is directly tied to painting workshops.
  2. OIAG has not charged for workshops in part due to a long standing informal relationship with OI Rec Center.
  3. Workshops are attended by non-members from a 40 miles radius. Discussion and dialogue needs to continue with OIAG membership to determine if any type of program fee structure could ever be put in place that would charge for non members, but allow members to have free benefit. Is it a way to cultivate new membership?
  4. Having a Meet and Greet Person at the door for each meeting and workshop is important.
  5. OIAG should continue to have a few teaching workshops that are other forms of art techniques besides painting.

E. Committees

  1. We should keep the same committee structures.  Not add any new or remove any committees.
  2. Sylvia would find out who is interested in renewing as a committee chair and will then fill the gaps as we need them.
  3. Discussion on how active within the guild does a chair need to be?

F. Volunteers for Art Festival--September 5, 2015

  1. Typically has about 140 vendors
  2. There is a need to recruit some younger volunteers to help with certain  aspects of event, including set up and take down of tents.

 G. Publicity

  1.  Sylvia will help maintain relationship with State Port Pilot.
  2. Penny will train Mary Beth to help with OIAG Website updates.



January 16 to 18, 2015

OIAG Officer Slate & Voting Results

Action Taken: Call for Vote for Slate of 2015 Officers for OIAG

Date Email sent: January 16, 2015

Call for Vote by: Sylvia Beck


            Subject: OIAG Vote for Officers

            Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 06:55:52 -0500


            Dear OIAG Members:

            We’ve had 2 meetings at which we should have voted on the 2015 slate of officers if we had had a quorum of members. Until we have officers we cannot   conduct organization business.

            The following is the 2015 slate.

                        President: Sylvia Beck 

Vice President: Mary Carter

                        Secretary: Mary Beth Springmeier

                        Treasurer: Penny Prettyman (with an acceptation to the ByLaws*)

            Please vote and return this email:

               1) click reply

               2) type Yes or No or Nominate someone else

               3) click Send

*The ByLaws say “no member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms (I year x 2) in the same office.”


Over the course of several days after the above email Call for Vote was sent out to the OIAG members a total of 43 votes were returned, with an overwhelming acceptance of the slate by January 18, 2015.

 January Minutes submitted by Mary Beth Springmeier


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