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Meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m. by President Jane Mohr.

Treasurer, Alma Sroka, reported    CD  total  $9,890.73   INCOME total $1,510.00 

TOTAL CK ACCOUNT  $11,348.11

ARTS BY THE SHORE:  Penny Primer…no report

ARTS & CRAFTS FESTIVAL:  Mary Beth Springmeier….Festival will held on September 2, Saturday, Rain date on Sunday September 3.     Need volunteers

BRUNSWICK COUNTY ARTS COUNCIL:  Dick Staat – BAC Annual Meeting will be held on March 13, Monday, 5:30 pm at BCC in Bolivia.   Bldg A,  in the classroom.   New officers will be elected.  Refreshments will be served.

 WORKSHOPS:  Bonnie Pendergast……

February 15th - Wednesday Ocean Trails Nursing Home. (down the street on left from Dosher Hospital) Volunteers meet at 9:45 a.m.  JoAnn Staat will be playing keyboard while nursing home participants paint…..

March 10th, Friday, after 9 a.m. meeting…

Claire Sallenger Martin will be leading the March workshop.  She calls the class "Life Tales" involving fluid acrylics and ink drawing pens, in a style suggestive of Joan Miro's work.  The supply list will be on the web site.

 FEATURED ARTIST:  (Jane Mohr, Jan;Feb;Mar;) D.Staat, Oct;Nov;Dec;

Need april/may/june   and  july/aug/sept….

Need volunteers to hang for 3 month intervals in Recreation Center Hallway..Need Tax ID to do so.

 AUDIT COMMITTEE:  Joyce Grazetti and Penny Prettyman….financial records were audited on January 26, 2017 and they found the records to be accurate and in order.

Suggestion:  Committee chairs should submit a check request form when requesting third party payment… this keeps better documentation of the payments.

 Submitted by…JoAnn Staat, Secretary.


Meeting called to order by outgoing President Richard Staat, sharing with Jane Mohr.

Treasurer report by Alma Sroka:

Beginning balance                                                        $11,406.19

Income   Dues $100   Arts by the Shore $430                      $530.00

                                                                   Total       $11,936.19

Expenses  Service Chg $7.50 Arts by the Shore                 $1,243.92

        Ending check balance                                         $10,692.27

JoAnn Staat, Secretary, read minutes of December 2016 meeting giving names of those nominated for officers of OIAG in 2017:

Jane Mohr, President

Dick Staat, Vice President

JoAnn Staat, Secretary

Alma Sroka, Treasurer

Mary Beth Springmeier, Arts & Crafts Festival Chair

  Penny Prettyman, Vendor Manager

  Frank Palmer, Field Manager

  Joyce Grazetti, Craft Cops

                       Tent Manager

  Sally Buchanan, Publicity Manager

Pam Crusan and Bonnie Pendergast, Workshops/Programs

Cecelia Kohl, Internal Communications

Penelope Primmer, Arts by the Shore

Mary Beth Springmeier, Webmaster

Need Brunswick Arts Council Representative


President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary were nominated, voted on, and okayed by the membership.

Auditors for the OIAG books are Joyce Grazetti and Penny Prettyman (to be done in Jan 2017)

Jenna Fontaine resigned as Chair of Arts by the Show and Penelope Primer volunteered to do the show in 2017.

Beverly Wilezck volunteered as our 2017 Historian.

Bonnie Pendergast and Diane Sloan volunteered to oversee Scholarships for Brunswick County High School Seniors seeking a degree in the Arts at their designated college of choice.

JoAnn Staat will work with the art teachers of Brunswick County Schools for a $1,000 gift from Oak Island Art Guild and an additional $250 gift from Cheap Joe’s or Dick Blick to help with their class supplies.

Joe Loretucci  is moving to Florida (we all wished him well) and he has already assigned the Rec Ctr Wall for the Fall of 2017, Jan Feb Mar Jane Mohr…need volunteers with a tax ID for Apr May June & July thru Sept. Dick Staat Oct, Nov, & Dec. Need a volunteer for chair.

Per Bonnie Pendergast…workshops will be posted on OIAG website for Feb and Mar.   Also will be in local newspapers.

Arts and Crafts Festival is Saturday before Labor Day in 2017 (September 2)

Penny Prettyman would like a volunteer to learn the Vendor Manager job so they can take over in 2018.

Bonnie Pendergast reported on the Ocean Trails nursing home art workshops.  Diane Sloan will do ‘funny faces’ on January 20th,  Friday 2:30 pm.    Ask for several helpers.

Announcement was made of the Associated Artists of Southport Spring Show.    The prospectus can be downloaded from their website and OIAG website.

Jane introduced Lynne Klein for her “Ink Drawing and Watercolor Washes workshop……….

Submitted by JoAnn Staat, Secretary