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Minutes of Meeting February 13, 2015

Meeting was called to order by OIAG President Sylvia Beck at 9:00 AM. Jenna Fontaine volunteered to take the minutes of the meeting since our Secretary, Mary Beth Springmeier was absent due to family business. The first order of business was the Treasurer's report given by Penny Prettyman (see report). Penny Prettyman announced she was collecting dues for 2015 and dues are ten dollars. Jo Ann Staat reported that an Audit of the OIAG financial records of 2014 was conducted. All receipts and expenditure were in order, and no recommendations for improvement were noted. Our thanks and appreciation for a job well done go to our Treasurer, Penny Prettyman.

Sylvia Beck, President, reported that committees would remain the same. She is recruiting chairs for committees that currently do not have chairs and is asking that people stay in the same committees as in the past. A change in advertising policy by the State Port Pilot led to a discussion of how we should proceed in publicizing our free workshops. Only one free advertisement per activity will be published and photos will no longer be sought. Joyce Grazetti made a motion that we inquire as to the cost of a paid ad for a non profit in the Pilot. Further discussion was tabled until our March meeting.

A brief discussion concerning workshops followed, with many member expressing an interest in a two day workshop if the logistics could be worked out. The March workshop presenter will be Craig Hale, an acrylic painter whose specialty is creating vibrant water, ocean and waves. Make sure you check the website for information on this exciting opportunity. Ortrud Tyler introduced our February workshop presenter, oil paint artist Joanne Geisel. Effective painting of the beach including sand, sea and sky will be explored. The Business meeting closed at 9:40

January 8, 2015  

OIAG Monthly Meeting

Location: Oak Island Recreation Center

6 OIAG members were present. According to OIAG Bylaws 12 people constitute a necessary quorum to conduct any business.   No meeting or business was held due to lack of a quorum.  An OIAG Artist Workshop for January was not scheduled.


January 14, 2015

OIAG Planning Meeting Notes

Location: Oak Island Recreation Center

Time start: 10:07 am   Time end: 11:15 am

Present: Sylvia Beck, Mary Carter, Penny Prettyman, Mary Beth Springmeier


Meeting was proposed and led by Sylvia Beck. The four OIAG members present were the proposed slate of 2015 officers, which was never presented to OIAG members or voted upon by OIAG membership. It was not an official executive committee meeting, but rather a way to discuss the next step for moving forward without any lapse in programs or OIAG's regularly scheduled business.

Discussion Topics:

A. Current state of Oak Island Art Guild

  1. Everyone present agreed that they were interested in being presented to the  OIAG membership as the 2015 slate of officers in a act of self nomination:    Sylvia Beck (President), Mary Carter (Vice President), Penny Prettyman (Treasurer), Mary Beth Springmeier (Secretary).
  2. In order to maintain course of business, Sylvia would send digitally present the slate to members with a call to vote by email.

B. 2015 Overview for Guild

  1.  Collectively the direction for the upcoming year was discussed. It was mutually agreed that in order for the Guild to continue, the traditional activities of workshops, festival events and special activities would be maintained.
  2. The Loggerhead Turtle Statue, a copper structure commissioned by OIAG as a gift for the Rec Center, is a work in progress. The permanent installation is scheduled for spring 2015.

C. Workshops for remainder of 2014-2015 grant

  1.  Workshops are to continue in the current grant cycle and the contract from July 2014 to June 2015 will be completed. As a new incentive,  a two-day workshop would be created for late spring 2015, which would also act as a makeup program for lack of January 2015 workshop. Sylvia and Ortrude will work on this.
  2. The strategy for future grant applications for the 2015-2016 Brunswick Arts Council  was discussed. OIAG has the ability to run free workshops in  2015-2016 without support from BAC. Understanding  BAC's position in seeking a different type of proposal than strictly workshop related projects from OIAG fostered the idea of "not chasing the money" but stepping back for  a year, while working with OIAG members and BAC to determine a more competetive  project for the 2016-2017 grant cycle.  

D. Programs and workshops

  1. A review of previous  workshops demonstrated that strong membership attendance is directly tied to painting workshops.
  2. OIAG has not charged for workshops in part due to a long standing informal relationship with OI Rec Center.
  3. Workshops are attended by non-members from a 40 miles radius. Discussion and dialogue needs to continue with OIAG membership to determine if any type of program fee structure could ever be put in place that would charge for non members, but allow members to have free benefit. Is it a way to cultivate new membership?
  4. Having a Meet and Greet Person at the door for each meeting and workshop is important.
  5. OIAG should continue to have a few teaching workshops that are other forms of art techniques besides painting.

E. Committees

  1. We should keep the same committee structures.  Not add any new or remove any committees.
  2. Sylvia would find out who is interested in renewing as a committee chair and will then fill the gaps as we need them.
  3. Discussion on how active within the guild does a chair need to be?

F. Volunteers for Art Festival--September 5, 2015

  1. Typically has about 140 vendors
  2. There is a need to recruit some younger volunteers to help with certain  aspects of event, including set up and take down of tents.

 G. Publicity

  1.  Sylvia will help maintain relationship with State Port Pilot.
  2. Penny will train Mary Beth to help with OIAG Website updates.



January 16 to 18, 2015

OIAG Officer Slate & Voting Results

Action Taken: Call for Vote for Slate of 2015 Officers for OIAG

Date Email sent: January 16, 2015

Call for Vote by: Sylvia Beck


            Subject: OIAG Vote for Officers

            Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 06:55:52 -0500


            Dear OIAG Members:

            We’ve had 2 meetings at which we should have voted on the 2015 slate of officers if we had had a quorum of members. Until we have officers we cannot   conduct organization business.

            The following is the 2015 slate.

                        President: Sylvia Beck 

Vice President: Mary Carter

                        Secretary: Mary Beth Springmeier

                        Treasurer: Penny Prettyman (with an acceptation to the ByLaws*)

            Please vote and return this email:

               1) click reply

               2) type Yes or No or Nominate someone else

               3) click Send

*The ByLaws say “no member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms (I year x 2) in the same office.”


Over the course of several days after the above email Call for Vote was sent out to the OIAG members a total of 43 votes were returned, with an overwhelming acceptance of the slate by January 18, 2015.

 January Minutes submitted by Mary Beth Springmeier


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