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NOVEMBER 17, 2017


Meeting called to order by President Dick Staat at 9:10 a.m.
15 members present.

Treasurer report by Alma Sroka:
$1,065 BALANCE: $16,647.21
$2,643.58 ENDING BALANCE: $14,003.63

TEACHERS SUPPLIES: report by JoAnn Staat. Since no student applies for a scholarship the members previously voted to give a 2 nd teach $1,000 for art supplies. OIAG gave an elementary school the supply check earlier in the year and at this time has voted on giving
Waccamaw Middle School art teacher, Janet Stephenson..K thr 8 th …the money to buy art supplies for her students. Cheap Joe’s has ok’d that they will add $250 and a Cheap Joe’s credit card for $1250. Will be awarded to Ms. Stephenson….

OCEAN TRAIL WORKSHOPS: Bonnie Pendergast….will share again with the church on December 20th at 10 a.m.

    PRESIDENT: Mary Beth Livers and BAC representative
    VICE PRES: Kim Kirk
    TREASURER: Alma Sroka
    SECRETARY: Jo Ann Staat

Penny Prettyman as Vendor Manager (members voted to pay Penny a salary of $1,000) and to train Kim Kirk to take over the position.

Other committees will be decided on in January of 2018 meeting.

HOLIDAY LUNCHEON: Will be held at noon, on December 8th , at Dead End Grill…(at the end of Fish Factory Road)…..

Members voted on raising OIAG dues from $10 to $15…

The Ludwick family sent a thank you card for everyone’s prayers on the passing of

Minutes submitted by Secretary, JoAnn Staat

OCTOBER 13, 2017


Meeting called to order by President Dick Staat at 9:05 a.m.
Treasurer report: Alma Sroka reported:

Beginning balance: $16,342.92
Income: $ 665.00
Expenses: $ 1,425.71
End Balance: $15,582.21

Total CD $9,890.73

Brunswick Arts Council: JoAnn Staat reported:

Fall Show
take in is Saturday, 10/14, 10 am to 2 pm at Franklin Square Gallery.
4x4 Gala will be held on 4/28/18….Council is collecting 4x4 paintings……can be put in BAC Box at Franklin Square Gallery or given to JoAnn Staat. Each person that buys a ticket to the gala will receive an original 4x4.

Bonnie Pendergast: OIAG will give workshop to people at Ocean Trails Nursing Center…….10 am…….on Wednesday, October 18th .. Theme will be Autumn Leaves with all the Fall colors…..Nursing Center is one block off of Howe on street running past Dosher ER.

Joyce Grazetti: Empty Bowls
will be held Tuesday, October 17…$20…get soup and bowl……….

is taking contributions on WHQR..10-2pm on Sunday 10/15…….91.3 fm

Southport Magazine
is taking note of all artists in the county…send info to:

OIAG needs new officers. Mary Beth Livers will be President, Alma Sroka, Treasurer. Need Vice President, Secretary,

Officer nominating committee…JoAnn Staat, Phyllis Riley, Dick Staat

Penny Primmer : Arts By the Shore Festival volunteers…take in entries, assignments, hangers, bakers etc. (volunteers are very important as this is our community art show Nov 3-5).

Bonnie introduced the workshop “Iris Paper Folding” led by Barbara Robinson.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, JoAnn Staat

AUGUST 11, 2017


Meeting was called to order by President Dick Staat at 9:05 a.m welcoming everyone to the meeting and workshop.

 TREASURERS REPORT: Alma Sroka reported

            Beginning balance  $13,755.09

            Income                        2,700.00

            Expenses                        606.52

            Ending balance        $15,848.57         Total CD  $9890.73

 BRUNSWICK ARTS COUNCIL:  JoAnn Staat reported

 4x4 gala fundraiser for the council will be held on April 28, 2018 at 101 Stone Chimney. Big Band..entertainment…$50 at ticket.

Council is Asking for donations of 4x4’s ….a 4x4 will be given to each ticket holder for the gala.

These can be turned into JoAnn at the guild meetings.  Sunset River Marketplace will be doing the matting for the original 4x4’s.

Brunswick Arts council art Show will be held October 16 thru October 28th at Franklin Square Gallery.   Applications are due September 14th.  Show is judged by Alex Powers of North Myrtle Beach.


Workshops:  Bonnie Pendergast reported.

Next month, on September 8th, a Pastel workshop will be given by Linda Young (check website for supplies)

Also, next Wednesday, August 16th, another workshop will be held for patients at Ocean Trails Nursing Center…volunteers are needed.

President Staat asked for volunteers to hang as featured artist at the Oak Island Rec Ctr.  August and September.

ARTS AND CRAFTS FESTIVAL:  Penny Prettyman and Joyce Grazetti reported.

                Spaces are filled (might have one left)

            Joyce said they  needed more “Craft Cops” if you want to volunteer call Joyce 278-7560..

President Staat..heads the set up of the field announced a meeting for the festival at 2 pm in Sea Turtle room today after the workshop.

Bonnie Pendergast introduced Joanne Geisel heading up the “Seascapes” workshop after todays meeting

                                        by OIAG Secretary  JoAnn Staat

JULY 14, 2017


Meeting was called to order by President Dick Staat at 9:05 a.m. and welcomed everyone to the meeting and workshop.

TREASURER REPORT:       Alma Sroka reported:

            Beginning balance:   $11,017.96

            Income:                      3,025.00      

            Expenses                       287.87      

                                       $13,755.09 Ending balance

            CD total     $9,890.73

Maribeth Livers: 28th Arts and Crafts Festival to be held September 2, 2017 , 10-4pm at soccer field on Oak Island.   Need volunteers….sign up sheets are on table. Parks and Rec volunteers will help lay out and mark field for the vendors tents. (this will be done Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before festival). Dick Staat is field manager. Need volunteers for hospitality tent and oak island tent (art work can be displayed..artist will need a State I.D.#.) All vendors will need State I.D’s. More jewelry and textile vendors this year. There is about 25 spaces to be filled.   Need ice vendors…..

Bonnie Pendergast: Announced that workshop at Ocean Trails Nursing Home will be on July 21st.     meet in lobby of nursing home a little before 2:30 pm.   Need volunteers….Self Portraits is the theme for this workshop….

Ocean Trails……Turn left off of Howe Street onto street in from of Dosher Hospital ER.   The nursing home is about a block further down on the left. Plenty of parking.

Scholarship…..   The guild wasn’t able to contact anyone about extending the scholarship from last year.

Workshop for August will be led by Joanne Geisel.   Geisel will be doing seascapes.

JoAnn Staat, Brunswick Arts Council….the prospectus for BAC Show was passed out to everyone. The Council Show will be held at Franklin Square Gallery, October 16 thru October 28th. Alex Powers is the judge.   Reception on October 19th, Thursday, 5 to 7 pm.

Bonnie introduced today’s workshop instructor, Katy O’Neil, teacher at South Brunswick High School, who had lived in Hawaii for 15 years and learned textile art. Workshop was very interesting and lots of Hawaiian textile history.

By OIAG secretary, JoAnn Staat

JUNE 9, 2017


Meeting called to order at 9:10 am by Richard Staat, Vice President.   Staat will be acting President until 2018 when a new president is elected. Jane Mohr, is moving to Pine Hurst.

Alma Sroke, Treasurer reported Starting balance $11,346.66… Income $130.00, Expenses $458.70..Ending balance $11,017.96     CD total $9890.73……………………..

Bonnie Pendergast..

            Ocean Trails…next workshop is June 21st..10 a.m. will be drawing and painting still life on watercolor paper.   Volunteers are needed and welcome…with the workshop or single with individuals at a different time.

            Scholarship report…no applications for this years art scholarship so OIAG voted to renew and give last years recipient, Felicia Simmons, this years scholarship.   Simmons will follow up with notes from teachers, grades and artwork.

            Workshops…July workshop will be led by Katy O’Neil…check website for information and supplies needed. Need help with refreshments…maybe those attending could bring something now and then to keep refreshments on the table. Coffee,tea always done by OIAG.

            Grants….need grant workshop meeting..suggestion to pay workshop leader more money to help match grassroot grant. Should we do something else or continue workshops…..will continue workshops.

            Emails.   Several stated they did not receive their emails…they were advised to tell Ceil Kohl that theirs should be copied/pasted since the OIAG emails showed up on their spam.

Penny Prettyman and Maribeth Livers…..

            Festival….have received 82 vendors out of possible 130…need funnelcake tent.

            Park and Rec will supply people and paint to line the field getting ready for the vendors tents…Dick Staat will be field manager.     Always need volunteers to help with Festival tent and activities.

Suggested that name tags to available for meeting and workshop participants.

Need July, August, September featured artist. (if work is for sale..need tax id)

Meeting adjourned at 10 am.

Submitted by OIAG Secretary, JoAnn Staat

May 12, 2017


Jane Mohr, President, called the meeting to order at 9:07 a.m.

Treasurer report: Submitted by Alma Sroka, report given by Pres. Jane Mohr:

         Beginning balance $12,749.93   Income -0-

         Expenses $1,403.27     Ending balance $11,346.66

         CD $9890.73  

 Bonnie Pendergast:      Ocean Trails Nursing Home..workshop at 10 a.m. on May 17 will consist of painting canvas board with all the participants helping.   Need volunteers..workshop usually lasts about an hour.

 Workshop: June 9th... workshop will be led by Jane Mohr, Collage. 9:30 a.m.

 Scholarships:   No applicants for the OIAG scholarship…..possibly help last years with this years college fees….

 Arts and Crafts Festival…9/2/17 Saturday..on Soccer Field behind police station.

  • Now have 61 vendors (1/2)…..Frank usually takes over but the idea was put forth that for $340 to buy paint and service that the town of oak island could do the line painting.   Nothing was voted on in regard to the above.


No report on Arts by the Shore in November.

 Southport Magazine cover highlighting local art application is due July 10th.

 Bonnie Pendergast introduced the workshop leader, Rachel Jones doing acrylic and watercolor flowers and portraits. 22 people attended the workshop. The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 a.m.  

Submitted by OIAG Secretary, JoAnn Staat

APRIL 21, 2017


Jane Mohr, President, called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

March minutes had no corrections from floor.

March Treasurer report $80 income Expenses $248.18 Total $11,179.93 + cd $11,149.99

Bonnie Pendergast reported the Ocean Trail workshop was a success. Painted flower pots for flowers. Lots of good helpers, thanks.

Scholars….no applicants from students pursuing art degrees. Teachers couldn’t come up with any….will put on hold.

Brunswick Arts Council if offering grassroot grants…Bonnie asked if anyone had ideas or suggestions for the 2017 OIAG application….

Southport Magazine wanting pictures and 100 word blurb to go with it if artists are interested.

OIAG Arts and Crafts Festival…Penny Prettyman has 50 applications for spaces so far which is abt half of applicants we usually receive each year.

Workshop held today at 9:30 is led by Kimberly Kirk…Creative Spirit, Mixed

Media Art….abt 25 people attended.

Submitted by OIAG Secretary, JoAnn Staat

MARCH 10, 2017  



Meeting called to order by President Jane Mohr at 9:05 a.m.   Workshop to follow at 9:30 a.m. headed by Claire Sallenger Martin……titled “Life Tales” Acrylics and Ink

President asked if February 2017 meeting minutes had any corrections. Members Ok’d.

 Treasurer report (Alma Sroka) Income $80.00..Expenses $248.18 Balance $11,179.93

CD $11,149.99

Marybeth Springmeier …will put your art pictures on our website jpg’s…and any announcement for a member. Send to

 28th Arts and Crafts festival to be held on September 2nd, Saturday before Labor Day.. Rain date on September 3rd, Sunday.. Members can hang art in hospitality tent (Tax ID required)…need volunteers for the hospitality tent and help with craft cop detail.

Penny Prettyman stated…Vendors rates were raised $10…Food vendors will still same if register before July 1st.

To date 24 craft vendors – 2 public service and several Food vendors.

Ortrud Tyler requested permission to hold her workshop in OIAG’s name.   Workshop is to be held on the 3rd Friday of the month, in the Sea Turtle Room at the OI Rec Ctr.   9 to 3pm.

Tyler will donate $100 award to Arts by the Shore Fall Show for a “comtemporary painting” award. Members approved.

 Ocean Trails Nursing Home..Bonnie Pendergast …Will be giving art workshop to nursing home participants on March 17, St Patricks Day theme.   Anyone who would like to help would be welcome….2:30 pm.   (arrive a little before 2:30)……

Hanging committee……Mary Ward will hang her art in Rec Ctr hallway in April, May, June.

They need a volunteer for July, August and September.

Brunswick Arts Council….JoAnn Staat announced the art council will be holding their Annual Meeting on Monday, March 13, 5:30 p.m. (dinner served) at Brunswick Community College in Bolivia.   Bldg A., in the classroom.   New Officers will be announced and a complete update on grants and applications.   Any new ideas from the participants will gladly be accepted.

Workshop, April 14…Kimberly Kirk “Abstract Oils and Cold Wax”…

Meeting was adjourned at 9:35 a.m.




Meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m. by President Jane Mohr.

Treasurer, Alma Sroka, reported    CD  total  $9,890.73   INCOME total $1,510.00 

TOTAL CK ACCOUNT  $11,348.11

ARTS BY THE SHORE:  Penny Primer…no report

ARTS & CRAFTS FESTIVAL:  Mary Beth Springmeier….Festival will held on September 2, Saturday, Rain date on Sunday September 3.     Need volunteers

BRUNSWICK COUNTY ARTS COUNCIL:  Dick Staat – BAC Annual Meeting will be held on March 13, Monday, 5:30 pm at BCC in Bolivia.   Bldg A,  in the classroom.   New officers will be elected.  Refreshments will be served.

 WORKSHOPS:  Bonnie Pendergast……

February 15th - Wednesday Ocean Trails Nursing Home. (down the street on left from Dosher Hospital) Volunteers meet at 9:45 a.m.  JoAnn Staat will be playing keyboard while nursing home participants paint…..

March 10th, Friday, after 9 a.m. meeting…

Claire Sallenger Martin will be leading the March workshop.  She calls the class "Life Tales" involving fluid acrylics and ink drawing pens, in a style suggestive of Joan Miro's work.  The supply list will be on the web site.

 FEATURED ARTIST:  (Jane Mohr, Jan;Feb;Mar;) D.Staat, Oct;Nov;Dec;

Need april/may/june   and  july/aug/sept….

Need volunteers to hang for 3 month intervals in Recreation Center Hallway..Need Tax ID to do so.

 AUDIT COMMITTEE:  Joyce Grazetti and Penny Prettyman….financial records were audited on January 26, 2017 and they found the records to be accurate and in order.

Suggestion:  Committee chairs should submit a check request form when requesting third party payment… this keeps better documentation of the payments.

 Submitted by…JoAnn Staat, Secretary.


Meeting called to order by outgoing President Richard Staat, sharing with Jane Mohr.

Treasurer report by Alma Sroka:

Beginning balance                                                        $11,406.19

Income   Dues $100   Arts by the Shore $430                      $530.00

                                                                   Total       $11,936.19

Expenses  Service Chg $7.50 Arts by the Shore                 $1,243.92

        Ending check balance                                         $10,692.27

JoAnn Staat, Secretary, read minutes of December 2016 meeting giving names of those nominated for officers of OIAG in 2017:

Jane Mohr, President

Dick Staat, Vice President

JoAnn Staat, Secretary

Alma Sroka, Treasurer

Mary Beth Springmeier, Arts & Crafts Festival Chair

  Penny Prettyman, Vendor Manager

  Frank Palmer, Field Manager

  Joyce Grazetti, Craft Cops

                       Tent Manager

  Sally Buchanan, Publicity Manager

Pam Crusan and Bonnie Pendergast, Workshops/Programs

Cecelia Kohl, Internal Communications

Penelope Primmer, Arts by the Shore

Mary Beth Springmeier, Webmaster

Need Brunswick Arts Council Representative


President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary were nominated, voted on, and okayed by the membership.

Auditors for the OIAG books are Joyce Grazetti and Penny Prettyman (to be done in Jan 2017)

Jenna Fontaine resigned as Chair of Arts by the Show and Penelope Primer volunteered to do the show in 2017.

Beverly Wilezck volunteered as our 2017 Historian.

Bonnie Pendergast and Diane Sloan volunteered to oversee Scholarships for Brunswick County High School Seniors seeking a degree in the Arts at their designated college of choice.

JoAnn Staat will work with the art teachers of Brunswick County Schools for a $1,000 gift from Oak Island Art Guild and an additional $250 gift from Cheap Joe’s or Dick Blick to help with their class supplies.

Joe Loretucci  is moving to Florida (we all wished him well) and he has already assigned the Rec Ctr Wall for the Fall of 2017, Jan Feb Mar Jane Mohr…need volunteers with a tax ID for Apr May June & July thru Sept. Dick Staat Oct, Nov, & Dec. Need a volunteer for chair.

Per Bonnie Pendergast…workshops will be posted on OIAG website for Feb and Mar.   Also will be in local newspapers.

Arts and Crafts Festival is Saturday before Labor Day in 2017 (September 2)

Penny Prettyman would like a volunteer to learn the Vendor Manager job so they can take over in 2018.

Bonnie Pendergast reported on the Ocean Trails nursing home art workshops.  Diane Sloan will do ‘funny faces’ on January 20th,  Friday 2:30 pm.    Ask for several helpers.

Announcement was made of the Associated Artists of Southport Spring Show.    The prospectus can be downloaded from their website and OIAG website.

Jane introduced Lynne Klein for her “Ink Drawing and Watercolor Washes workshop……….

Submitted by JoAnn Staat, Secretary