The Oak Island Recreation Center has graciously allowed members of the OIAG to display their paintings in the hallways of the Center. There is a changeover every quarter.

One artist is selected as the Featured Artist and a wall is devoted to his/her paintings.

For information or to volunteer to be a Featured Artist, or participate on the Exhibition Committee, contact Jane Mohr (910)-723-1469 or

 Oak Island Recreation Center Gallery's

Upcoming Featured Artists are

Jane Mohr

(January - March, 2017)

Mary L. Ward 

(April - June, 2017)


(July - September, 2017)

Dick Staat

(October - December, 2017)




I lived most of my adult life in Augusta, Georgia where I raised my children and dabbled in many different art forms as a stay-at-home mom.  I then moved to Germany for 12 years, where I spent a lot of time roaming art museums and all the beautiful historic cities of Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, England and many other countries.  The art and architecture fascinated me and still influences my art today.  My husband and I have lived on Oak Island for 7 years since retiring and working on my art.  I am not formally trained in art techniques but have taken many continuing education classes over the years and worked a short while with Michael Green who lives just outside of Southport.  I paint strictly for enjoyment so I guess if I was not retired I would be a starving artist!  I love the Oak Island Art Guild with the many opportunities to learn from fellow artists!

                                  GERANIUMS & PANSIES



Oak Island Art Guild

Exhibition Guidelines (Revised June 2015)



The Oak Island Department of Parks and Recreation makes the halls of their facility available for the artists of OIAG to display their artwork at no expense. These halls make a wonderful gallery and therefore it is important to keep our art at a professional level. The Recreation Center (Rec Ctr) is for display ONLY. No sales may take place within the confines of the Rec Ctr.


    1. The Rec Ctr is a family facility; therefore, the Exhibition Committee has the authority to decline any inappropriate work.

    2. The utmost care will be given each piece of artwork. However, neither the OIAG nor the Rec Ctr shall be responsible for loss or damage from any cause.

    3. Only members of the OIAG may display artwork.


     1. Any 2D medium that is properly framed and not more than 50" in any direction may be hung.

     2. Due to the hanging system, the wire should be no lower than 3” from the top of the frame, with the wire tight.

     3. Plexiglas must be used for liability reasons. No glass may be used in the frame.

     4. An OIAG Gallery Card (obtain from Rec Ctr office or Exhibition Chairperson) must accompany each painting and include the title of the work, the artist’s name and telephone number, and the medium. Personal cards must not be visible on the face of a painting. If used, they must be placed on the back. No price should be given on the card.


     1. No sales may take place in the Rec Ctr.

     2. If someone is interested in buying a painting, the artist should remove it from  the  Rec Ctr before conducting the sale.


     1. There is space for approximately 35 paintings.

     2. Hanging is done quarterly (January, April, July, and October) immediately following the scheduled OIAG membership meeting. Paintings should be brought to the Rec Ctr between 9 and 10 AM ready to hang. There is no storage available.

     3. Members who wish to display their paintings, should contact the Exhibition Chair 1 week before the hanging date. The Chair will determine the number of paintings each member may hang and notify them.

     4. Pick up of artwork from the previous quarter is at the same time. If you must remove a painting before the removal date, contact the Exhibition Chair so  the  “hole” can be filled. 

Featured Artist

      1. Featured Artists must be members of OIAG.

      2. A sign-up list will be passed around to the members attending the first meeting of the year by the Exhibition Chairperson. When the names of the 4 Featured Artists for the year are known, a list should be sent to the OIAG Web Master.

     3. The Exhibition Chairperson should remind artists in advance of their exhibition.

     4. The Featured Artist may display approximately 5-6 paintings, depending on their sizes, and should adhere to rules concerning display at the Rec Ctr.

     5. The Publicity Chairperson should be notified so that mention of the Featured Artist (and photograph if possible) may be included in press releases.

Arts by the Shore


  • Starting at ~11:30 am on Thursday, the day before the show opens, volunteers will prepare exhibition rooms at the Rec Ctr and oversee hanging of 2D artwork in the largest room and Constructive Design artwork in the smaller room.


  • Approximately 8 Arts by the Shore volunteer hangers should do the actual hanging (badges should be worn).

  • 2D Exhibition Room

  •  Retrieve display screens and black screen covers from the storage shed. Set up is according to a prearranged layout. Estimate where signs will be placed and attach them to the black fabric (Acrylic, Drawing/Pastel, Mixed Media, Photography, Watercolor, and Oil).

  • As artwork is received, hang on screens and tape display card next to painting.


  • When all paintings are hung, rearrange and move category signs as necessary.


  • Count and record number of paintings in each category. Number paintings and write numbers on display cards.